What accounting programs do you set up the accounting systems with?

Quickbooks, Ireland or UK version depending which is appropriate.

How long does the process take?

30 days from set up to finish.

Do I have to change accountants to deal with Profitlab

No, your accountant or bookkeeper stays as your accountant and we can include them in the training if you wish.

After the 30 days setup and support period is up what happens if I still need help with aspects of the program?

We have various support programs available which we can discuss with you at the outset and you can choose anytime to avail of them. No minimum contracts.

If I hire Profitlab, does that mean I am now paying two accountants instead of one?

No, we are Online Accounting setup experts who facilitate your transition needs. We just happen to be accountants. You still will need your external accountant for other services regardless.

Do you provide training for me and my staff?

Yes, we offer both online or onsite Quickbooks training for businesses in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

Are there any guarantees?

Yes, we will keep the setup going until you know how to use it, and if you hate it, we will cancel the whole thing and give you back your investment.

If I already have Quickbooks, but just need training, is that ok?

Yes, standalone training for you on your own set up program is fully available.

I own an accountancy practice and would like to move the entire practice online. Can I hire Profitlab to help me do this properly?

Yes. We have a special program for accounting practices and you will be delighted you made the move.

What is the difference between the UK version and the Irish version of Quickbooks?

The Irish version of Quickbooks integrates with Irish banks and follows the Irish method for cash based vat accounting while the UK version does the same but for UK banks. The vat rates are also set up according to each jurisdiction.

Our Guarantee: We do not want you to use Quickbooks online accounting unless you like using it. So in the first 30 days if it’s not for you just call Kevin on 1 800 476 984 and tell him you hate it and we will close it down and give you your money back immediately

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